How to remove the Yahoo toolbar

The Yahoo toolbar, like many others, comes pre-installed on many new computers or can be installed automatically by a number of programs that don’t necessarily tell you they’re installing it. It’s handy if you use Yahoo services like email or search, but just takes up space if you don’t.

You can hide it in Internet Explorer or Firefox by clicking View, move your mouse over Toolbars & click Yahoo so that it’s unchecked.

To completely remove it you have two choices; use the uninstaller that comes with it or Windows Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

In the toolbar itself:

  1. Click on the Pencil button & Select “Uninstall”
  2. Click “Uninstall” on the uninstall page
  3. Close all open Internet Explorer or Firefox windows & restart your browser

Using Add/Remove Programs:

  1. Close Internet Explorer or Firefox
  2. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel & select Add/Remove Programs
  3. Scroll down near the bottom of the list & select “Remove” on the listing for the toolbar. When you restart your browser the Yahoo toolbar will be gone.

Batch file to run CCleaner and exit

This is an extremely simple batch file that takes advantage of a built-in “command line switch” the developers of CCleaner have thoughtfully included.

If you look at the code below, you’ll see we’ve added “/AUTO” to the end of the command to start the program. This starts CCleaner, finds and deletes junk files, and exits the program.

Naturally, you’ll need to have CCleaner installed – click here for instructions


c:\progra~1\ccleaner\ccleaner /AUTO

Create a batch file to run CCleaner and exit

  • Double click My Computer, double click C: (Local Disk), right click, select New then Folder and type in “scripts” (without quotes).
  • Double click the scripts folder, right click, select New then Text Document and type in “ccleaner.bat” (without quotes). Windows will warn you about changing the file extension – click “Yes”.
  • Right click on ccleaner.bat, select Edit and Notepad will open with a blank page.
  • Copy and Paste or type in the code from above. Click File select Save, click File select Exit.
  • In your “scripts” folder double click on ccleaner and two things will happen fast; a black “DOS box” will pop up and the CCleaner icon will appear in your System Tray at the bottom right corner of your screen. They’ll both go away when CCleaner has finished running.

You’re done!

Clean the junk files off your computer with CCleaner aka CrapCleaner

Over time, your computer can collect a lot of junk files. They’re leftover from software you’ve installed, or uninstalled, temporary internet files and cookies from web browsing, those videos and pictures people send to you in email, stuff in your Recycle Bin, and just normal computer use.

You’ve probably got a big hard drive, with plenty of space left and you’re wondering why you should care about cleaning up files you probably don’t even know are there. It’s pretty simple; not only are they wasting space, they’re actually slowing your computer down. Every time you open a program or search for a file, your hard drive has to locate the file(s) you need. If there are 100’s, or 1000’s of junk files, it has to work longer and harder to find what you want, slowing you down.

CCleaner can get rid of them with a couple of clicks. It’s free, easy to use, and fast. Plus, it’s simple to integrate into your Defragmenting and Back-up routines.
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