Clean the junk files off your computer with CCleaner aka CrapCleaner

Over time, your computer can collect a lot of junk files. They’re leftover from software you’ve installed, or uninstalled, temporary internet files and cookies from web browsing, those videos and pictures people send to you in email, stuff in your Recycle Bin, and just normal computer use.

You’ve probably got a big hard drive, with plenty of space left and you’re wondering why you should care about cleaning up files you probably don’t even know are there. It’s pretty simple; not only are they wasting space, they’re actually slowing your computer down. Every time you open a program or search for a file, your hard drive has to locate the file(s) you need. If there are 100’s, or 1000’s of junk files, it has to work longer and harder to find what you want, slowing you down.

CCleaner can get rid of them with a couple of clicks. It’s free, easy to use, and fast. Plus, it’s simple to integrate into your Defragmenting and Back-up routines.

Installing CCleaner

Click here to download CCleaner

Doubleclick the ccleaner_setup_icon to start the installation. (The version number will probably be different than in the picture).

Select your language, read and accept the License Agreement, etc, in other words, a pretty typical installation. The only thing I recommend you change is the last item on this screen below:


If you want to install the Yahoo Toolbar or already use it, then leave it checked. Nothing against Yahoo, I already have the Google Toolbar installed and just don’t want or need another one.

Using CCleaner to get the crap out of your computer

You can get a quick screenshot tour and see some more options by clicking here. If you just want to get started, keep reading.

Click the CCleaner - Freeware Windows Optimization icon on your desktop to start the program.

The main screen will open showing you a list of areas you can cleanup. Most of the time, you can just use the default settings and click the Analyze button. After a few seconds, you’ll see a list of the files CCleaner thinks are junk. I think you’ll be surprised at how many files it finds and how much space they’re taking up!

Click the Run Cleaner button to delete the files. It’s that easy!

A couple of things to keep in mind; CCleaner deletes these files permanently, so make sure there’s nothing in the Recycle Bin you want to restore and files that are in use by other programs can’t be deleted, ie, if Internet Explorer is open then CCleaner can’t delete the temporary internet files until you close your browser. You’ll get pop-up messages to remind you about this.

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